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We’re proud of the work we do and we make a lot of money from our projects; but we’re small so that means we pay ourselves first. As I mentioned before, you won’t buy anything for the money we receive here in the USA, but we work hard and it’s something we’re really proud of. And at the bottom line, our goal is just to keep the book free for everyone. If you appreciate the work of others, you should enjoy the freedom to publish in the world without having to pay them for it.

Is it expensive to publish a small book?

Yes, but only if you’ve decided to work on a project that requires a long-term commitment. This is especially true for books that will be available on eBooks, hardcopy, and digital versions. We do not believe that people should be able to publish projects that demand that kind of commitment or you end up with the books getting out of date. The books we publish take their time and we work hard to make sure that only the best parts of them are in each release. If we did that, we wouldn’t be able to spend the money on things that we think everyone would appreciate – like adding special features and making the book easier to read (and more like “real” books).

What if I want a book from us but the deadline to send me the book is long?

I’m happy to answer that. The good-bye book is the last thing we will do. We’ve created this project specifically as a way of providing our people with more time – it’d be hard to keep up with the volume of books we publish and the number of eBooks we sell. If you don’t like having a very short deadline to see your book in print, you can send us your eBook to your account. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have, ask our staff, and give you advice for your project (you can also send directly to me at We’re really sorry about that but I know that the people who are waiting the longest won’t be disappointed in the outcome.
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How come your books have been in print so long?

The books are in print because the author and publisher have worked really close during the course of making them. That’s not a problem for most authors, though, I’ve only gotten really close to someone in the past ten years. You might say that you get

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