Is downloading Photoshop for free illegal?

As long as it isn’t illegal to pirate and can be seen as educational, I think downloading and viewing is fine according to the law. I am personally unsure of the “illegality” part, however, as I downloaded most of the other software and I don’t think I would be on trouble if I downloaded Photoshop.

Some people have found “illegal downloading” (i.e. not using a license) to be an unfair advantage for certain people. In my example, you would not really be able to read a good Photoshop design if you didn’t read the licence beforehand. But for me, the lesson from looking at the license in my case was that it made reading the software more enjoyable, as I can now enjoy more of the features of the software.
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The more I know about the law the less I use it. That’s why I decided to do some research on it.

It seems to me that the main legal reasons are that it helps improve your skills and learning skills in general. You might see Photoshop as an easier or smarter version of other popular programs – something that makes you look smarter.

When I asked “could it help someone in future” I was told the answer was more complex. However, I don’t think its future uses (e.g. saving money) will change our thinking. It does seem to increase the productivity of Photoshop users, especially those who are new.

I’m a freelancer and use Photoshop on a regular basis and I do like to see people getting more out of the system. When I read that it might help people getting an edge, I think “how come other people are using this as well?”

So to recap – do not steal!

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