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What software and rendering techniques do you use?

I only use Photoshop because it’s the best vector based tool. Also raster based is faster then vector based. I can render with most of the things I can do with vector but since I don’t have any hardware to render with I use only an external program. I don’t have any 3D experience yet but would like to learn it soon. I can get the 3D files with Photoshop on the internet if requested but the processing time is so long. I haven’t seen much of it in a game so I don’t really know. If there is any game I can see where I can render with it, I would be happy to see it in a beta release of my game because I’ve tried so many times.

What kind of materials does your game use?

Mostly all textures that are 3d textures. Mostly texture layers are for the maps and some textures are custom ones. Some sprites have textures for characters and some sprites have textures for backgrounds, etc. I use lots of textures when making maps, sprites, and background scenes. The sprite files I use are for characters only. I use a few of them myself but don’t have many sprites.

You have published a number of projects, most recently Pixel Jammers. Since you have recently published that project are there planned more for the future?

It’s hard to say since there are no plans so far. We have been in a state of no progress, and that was not easy to do in a game. After all, we’re in beta so we had to test everything thoroughly before we released a game. It doesn’t help that I haven’t been able to get any funding from anywhere.
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I hope soon to announce I will be open-sourcing most of the code and artwork so everyone could see what it can do and what I am hoping for from my game. It will look great and will be accessible to everyone.

I also published a book called The Pixel Junkies ( I plan to publish many more games but for this one it’s been the last one till now.

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