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How do I get involved?
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Can you help me?

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“Gainst the Emperor, they lost the Imperium.”

–Taugrim, Taugrim’s Codex [2e]

The Tyranids are the biggest and best-known of the three Hive Fleets in the Imperium of Man. They were first mentioned in the Second Edition Advanced Players’ Guide as a force that could be considered for the Dark Angels Legion’s warfleet. Since then, they’ve become the most ubiquitous of the Tyranids, thanks to the book Chaos Marines and the Horus Heresy sourcebook. Their reputation has even gained the attention of some other Imperial forces, mostly due to their power and dominance during the end times in 999.M41.

Tyranids are not alone in existence. In addition to the myriad other living, intelligent life forms that make up the universe, other large groups such as the Tyranids and Exodites exist. The Imperium will often use either of these groups to hunt down and destroy rival xenos forces. Some of the Imperial armies and Space Marine chapters are particularly fond of using both groups.

The Tyranids are generally depicted as a single xenos species, though they have been occasionally portrayed as numerous alien species that have been combined to form larger groups, for example the Skarbrand, the Mekgineer, the

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