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You might wonder why professional photographers like David Seaman and Steve McCurry use these tools, since it is often the case that amateur and professional photographers disagree on exactly which image needs to be cut or tweaked by digital photographers. I don’t use any of those tools myself, and I don’t intend to. After all, editing is a craft that has been perfected by generations of creative photographers, and many of these tools are useful for an experienced photographer as well. When a photo has been digitally manipulated, I don’t have a clue about which image to use. However, I know that editing does not have to mean removing all image elements. When I edit my photo, I don’t consider myself to be a digital photographer: I’m a photographer working within a physical space.

The video shows three men who robbed a bank at gunpoint. Courtesy of St. Patrick’s College

WEST MONROE, Fla. — Authorities say three men walked into a St. Patrick’s College bank on Friday and demanded money.

St. Patrick’s College president Mary McElwain released a statement describing events that led to the robbery. A spokeswoman for the university says the men made off with a sum of money in the bank’s safe deposit room.

The university says it has a “robbery prevention program for students and staff.”

No one was hurt.

A surveillance photo shows the men in the bank. No one was injured in the bank’s robbery.


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Courtesy | University of Utah Alumni Group Alumni members and supporters of the University of Utah hold signs with photos during a rally in protest of President | Alumni Group Alumni members and supporters of the University of Utah gather during a rally in protest of President Donald J. Trump meets with President Donald

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