What does editing include? – Photo Editing Practice

To save an entry from a wiki page we need to edit the entry, which, at best, means an editing user can look up a person’s name in the encyclopedia, or add info to the entry, and then we have to manually re-edit that page. You can do so by going to a person’s Wikipedia page, clicking their details, and then clicking Edit. After a small pause, two users will appear, one editor, and one user. There, you can type a small amount of text at the bottom of the page so that only an editor will notice your edits, and a copy will be saved to a document on their computer (or a word processing app for you). You may then share a document with others via email, or simply save the document and then paste it online. Your document will not be stored indefinitely, but you have to give the account on Wikipedia your word that it is not part of the main account.

When you are finished adding information to an edit, you will be sent to the User History page. There you can view and copy your previous edits.

Where do I go next? You’ll need to find an editor on Wikipedia, and ask them to use this username – for example my_name. For more information on the user list, see Wikipedia’s User Guide.

Are there any restrictions on how I can edit? No. Although we all want to ensure that everyone is able to edit, it is possible to create an account and edit any Wikipedia page without having permission to do so. We do not check who is attempting to access the content, although a link to any page may be included in the edit summary (see How to edit a page).

Are there any fees for using this service? There are no fees to edit Wikipedia, either in the United States or Canada. The cost of creating an account, however, is $25 USD when you create an account from outside the U.S. or Canada. These are the minimum charges we expect, which are the same that are charged for Wikipedia from other providers.

Does using this service mean I’ll be able to contribute to Wikipedia? No. This service only allows you to view and edit user-created content. It’s not possible to add content to Wikipedia, or add comments or messages to Wikipedia entries. We do not have access to your Google, Bing, or Bing image search results – you will need to search for the content you want and edit it yourself. These entries are always publicly

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