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The main thing we want to make sure we’ve got right on our backs is something that is easy to start using and that doesn’t take very long to learn. It also shouldn’t require too much effort to get used to: you’ve got a great image you want to try out.

So here’s a list of eight image editing tools that I’d recommend you get your hands on.

T-Mobile and Sprint both announced Thursday that they are combining their wireless network operations in a consolidation deal that will result in some of the world’s largest wireless markets becoming combined into one giant entity.

In a move that will effectively create a new wireless provider in the United States, T-Mobile will acquire New Jersey-based MetroPCS USA. Sprint and MetroPCS have been the world’s largest wireless operators since 2006 and have over 200 million subscribers.

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Both Sprint and T-Mobile have had a rocky relationship in recent weeks, however, with their customers complaining about slow connections and data speeds during high-priority network testing that they have set up in New York City and Washington D.C.
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But if any mergers should happen in the near future, it was T-Mobile and MetroPCS that may seem most likely to happen. T-Mobile is looking to enter the $4.4 billion prepaid market, which includes the prepaid mobile phone plans offered by Sprint and T-Mobile.

The deal should bring together much-needed competition in the country’s largest metropolitan areas, as well as many smaller ones, which are usually left as the only viable choice in these markets because of lack of competition. But the potential impact of the T-Mobile acquisition on T-Mobile’s competitors may be even more pronounced.

Sprint will be a major player in the retail and wireless phone market in the United States, which includes both retail and wireless phone customer bases. The $10 billion merger of Sprint and T-Mobile to create the merged company will also expand its retail presence globally, according to The New York Times.

As a result of the merger, T-Mobile would be able to expand its network to a greater number of additional cities, as well as create mobile phone service in the U.S. that has not been offered to U.S. consumers in almost 20 years.

MetroPCS USA operates in some of the U.S.’s largest urban cities. The company plans to create “a vibrant,

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