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The best editing apps? It’s an extremely tight race: there is simply nothing out there that competes with Apple’s products, which have, by and large, been a best-seller over the past decade.

When it comes to editing, however, there is one app that is consistently high-quality, with lots of useful tools and a very clear interface.

Apple’s Mac software, Mac OS X, is a product that is truly unique, built for ease-of-use and power. And it’s also consistently excellent at what it does well, whether it’s composing new songs or editing an older photo. The two products offer different ways of doing things, and one product comes close to being the best product in the field. It just takes a little bit of work to choose between them.

“It’s an extremely tight race between Apple’s products, which have, by and large, been a best-seller over the past decade.”

But the truth is, a lot of editors choose between apps; they may not understand all the options or the differences and are often hesitant about switching between the two. Apple does make a great editor app for Mac OS X — it’s built to be a quick-and-dirty tool in many situations. But if you aren’t already using Photoshop or Apple iWork, there is no right or wrong answer: there are tons of options and they’re incredibly powerful.

The Best Editors for Mac

When it comes to editing, there are a lot of different editing apps, but not all apps are equal.

For the most part, the editors we love to work with, with more tools than Apple, are designed for more detailed work — they offer features that allow you to tweak aspects of your image or tweak a part of the composition or just make it more beautiful and professional-looking.

Some of the best editors for Mac include:

Avid Media Composer. A professional-quality, Mac-only, all-in-one editing and media creation application. Avid Media Composer is not just about editing: it’s also a professional media creation tool that’s used for sound and photo editing, and it is designed for professional photographers and artists.

Editor’s Choice: Avid Media Composer.

Narrow Your Search

To help you narrow down the options, here are a few tools you shouldn’t miss:

The Mac Pro, and Its Effects

The best Mac and

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