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I don’t have an answer for this, but for my personal use, Photoshop and Lightroom are both fantastic tools. Photoshop does have many additional features, and I use one of the most popular ones, “Photo Booth”, on a regular basis.

Are there any tips or tricks you can share about the Lightroom toolbox?

For the most part my workflow is identical to that for Photoshop – I load all the photos onto the camera, add some text, tweak some of their colours and opacity – then send that file to the Lightroom program. If I need to make large changes to the way any photo appears, I’ll open the original photo in Lightroom (with its filters) and take some small changes to improve the detail and/or texture of things like the eyes or hair. Then, using the Photoshop file I’m sent, I can quickly create the changes I wish to be made to my images.

Another helpful feature of Lightroom is that you can change the layers. When adding images, you can change the colour of the foreground layer to match the colours of the new image’s background/backgrounds. This way you can make sure the colors in your photo are consistent across the whole photo. If you prefer to make more of a stylistic control (like changing the colours in the eyes of a photo to match the ones in the model’s eyes), you can do that too, by selecting the foreground layer and then choosing “Edit” where you can alter the colour of the foreground layer as well as the background layer. (I often use layers > Select All or select all layers > Background)

In addition to using the various tools mentioned above, I also use Photoshop to create my designs. Sometimes I may create sketches (like my wedding pictures), but more often I’ll just crop them into the appropriate size for the final photo. Using Photoshop to resize the images can also help with this, especially for photos with multiple layers and/or multiple layers of varying sizes.

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Finally, for my personal use, I often use photo stacking software called Lightworks, which allows you to crop, rotate and resize photos, but in turn also applies effects to the pictures. This gives the impression that the photos are real, but with the added bonus of real-time editing that doesn’t rely on any software. The other nice aspect of Lightworks is that there’s a lot of different tools available and you can change the way Lightworks operates on different images by changing certain settings.

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