What is the difference between retouching and editing? – Basic Photo Editing Lightroom

I do not want to make a point out that there is a difference between retouching and editing. Let’s just say that I am going to get in a heated argument with an editor over how to edit an example.

Both editing and retouching require a bit of skill before you can do what any photographer would do. With a little patience and some patience, the art is in the making–not the act of editing. That is important to know.

Editing includes things like:

Taking your pictures as close to the original as you can. This does not always mean just sticking to the original. Sometimes you have to tweak the image so that it looks better.

Stitching the image. This may be in color, black & white, white & black, or anything in between. This is especially important for portraits of people, especially in black & white. Stitching can make the original look much smaller and more detailed.

Changing the background to your liking.

Removing or putting in additional lighting.

This will never be perfect. Any image will be imperfect, no matter how much editing you do. When working with your camera, make sure that your camera does not need to be in focus for that particular shot. Take those shots as close to their original state as possible. I don’t want to be in focus for 20-30 seconds at every shot because otherwise the background will ruin the shot. For the most part, this just means using the controls at the time that you are taking the shot.

Retouching (or “Editing”) is about tweaking and cutting back to the original in the least amount of time necessary, usually by altering the image so it no longer makes sense.

What is the main difference between retouching and editing?

Before we get to the differences between them, let me start by saying that there is no such thing as an ideal, perfect photo editing software. I am not saying we should have 100% perfect settings. I am saying that we are all trying to make the result as close to the finished product as possible. I will save you the trouble, because no software can really do that for you. You will likely need to experiment and experiment again until you have a preset for every shot that you want to try. We will look at different software, different software settings, different settings, and different editing types for this article. I will look at it primarily in relation to Photoshop.

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