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To edit images. To tweak them. To make them look like anything you can imagine. What is the purpose of painting? To create art – or artful, or beautiful, or artistic. All artistic creations (from anything) come from creativity. You create art by playing with color and light, creating shapes and shapes from the stuff you have around you. You can also add the randomness of your imagination to the mix. The more random, the better. The more random your work, the better you can create with it. So you create art by playing with the possibilities of that randomness. You can think of a random image as if you are using it from an old school art book. A book made for kids. It had random scenes, shapes, colors, and things in it. That’s it. There was nothing to tell the reader about those random images. You are working on these images. But what the book can give the reader, is the tools and information they need to create the images themselves. The randomness! We’re always looking for new ways to make our images better. That’s what art is. In art, we get to be clever and learn a lot. We’re allowed to get a lot of creative input to help us work out the ideas our imagination can muster and have fun making them. The most fun you can have with images is when you create them. When you create you get to see what it sounds like when the ideas in the heads of other people come alive (and sometimes explode, too!) They start taking it back, or at least give it a few pointers, and then they’re working from there. That’s what art is. Making art when you’re younger means you are not forced to try and make things look how a studio might. When you start out in the game industry. At 16, the art of making video games is pretty basic. You build and make things, and you make a game. There is no other kind of art. You are free to try and work through many of these basic aspects of the art form. We are not doing the same thing. We are not following the same process. When you get a job, you are being told that your job is to make games. There are no other skills or disciplines besides working with other people. If you have an art background, that’s fine. You can use that experience for something else. You don’t need to be an artist to be creative in this industry because there are lots of other creative possibilities
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