What should I charge for editing? – Learn Photo Editing Tutorials

In general, this is what a reasonable editing price would be:

4 pages

20% (or less) of the final page price

(or less) of the final page price 25% (or less) of an advance copy price

(or less) of an advance copy price 80-95% for printing cost

For example, with a 1.5″ x 1.5′ print (4 pages + 20%) you can expect 2x royalties, assuming you get the printing cost down to 2x.

My rates are low, but I have a lot of work. I need someone to edit my book for me. Do you have a discount or is it just the price?

I’ve had people ask me if they can work for a discount or they can get a discount by working for more hours (the reason being that if you are a first-time editor with a tiny office, you can overcharge people and take the money from them).

I’d love to work for you, but I want it to be work, not fun. So I have a rate where I know you will be willing to work, but I don’t want it to turn into fun.

Please don’t send me an email saying “I would love to work for less than your typical rate, but I would be willing to do more work if that’s what you’re willing to offer.”

You know what? I do feel you owe me something, and more in return for doing the editing that I expect.

In terms of my usual rate, if you’re willing to come in for an hour a week for as long as it takes, you are a great editor. If you’ve gotten this far without reading through my profile, I’d much rather be working on your book than someone else’s.

If you feel I’m being unreasonable, please don’t hesitate to email me back, and I’ll work to meet you (or your book) at the best price I can.

(There are several ways to contact me, not in terms of email, but at the level of the contact form on my profile. I’m willing to email back.)

How do I hire you?

Here is the email I use to ask for edits:

I need your work right away. If you don’t respond within three months, I assume I don’t know anyone

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