How long does it take to learn piano? – What Is The Best Way To Learn Piano

Pianist says: “You learn it right away and do it consistently, and you’re always making a conscious effort, but it’s not linear. You know it takes me a few years to get to a certain key, but then it’s like my first day of school where I’m like, Oh God, now I’m going to learn this thing, and it’s like this new thing and I’m just learning the keys.

“It gets increasingly easy after a few years, like how I started when I was 16.

“There’s an instant gratification; I’ve had a lot of pianists, friends, do it who have 20 years on me, and it doesn’t look any different.

“When you take away that pressure of learning it and being forced to memorise the keys and know all the stuff, it’s like there’s some sort of peace.”

How long does it take to become famous?

Pianist says: “It’s something that you can learn overnight.

“You don’t have to wait to be famous; you can just be yourself.

Image caption Many pianists have a knack for getting themselves in trouble at parties

“If there’s one person who I know whose first show as a pianist was going to get them a gig, I’d never imagine that would be me at the table with my friend, because it wouldn’t be my first.

“I really do take it on myself to have a good time, to get into the groove, just to play the songs for myself.

“I don’t think anyone’s ever done it for 40 minutes, if anything, only a few.

How Learning Piano Can Be Fun For Kids Free Treble Bass ...
“When I’m performing to a big crowd, I don’t think about the song or about a certain phrase, I just go crazy and have no idea what the words are. It’s a nice transition to when you’re standing a little bit away from the audience, in a room and have a bit of a conversation.”

How does it feel to be a household name?

Pianist says: “It means it’s good to have somebody look at my piano and say “This is the best playing I’ve ever heard or I never heard before.

“That’s a big compliment. I’ve done my share of gigs with the likes of David Bowie and John Lennon, but for me to have a picture of those two next to me makes it seem a bit more

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