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Learn to play piano quickly.

This section of music is all about the basics. In this section you will find a guide to the piano. We will start off with easy steps to playing the piano and gradually move you up to some of the most impressive techniques. We’ll explore chords and shapes and find out what keys to play all of these different scales and the many other things to which they can be applied by playing the piano. In this section you will learn the basics of scales and the piano.

How to start playing the piano

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Learn the Piano Quickly is organized in two categories:

Section 1. This is about basic skills of playing the piano. We will start by using the piano keyboard and how to read the keyboard. As you learn to play the piano you will be able to do things for the first time on the piano.

Section 2. This is about using your fingers to move the piano and the keyboard and how to play scales and songs. This section is where you learn the keyboard, the piano keys, the musical scales and the musical chords. This section will take you to places that the previous sections did not even dare to go!

How to learn the piano rapidly

These exercises are for the beginner pianists, those who are starting out and want to learn the piano quickly.

The first exercise is simple, try to play the first bar on the piano and then repeat the exercise one more time. I like to keep it short and sweet so you don’t miss out on any other sounds. You’ll find that it will be hard to get all the sounds you need so I often tell you to repeat the exercise one more time and then just play the next note. This will give you the proper rhythm for the next bar.

The practice exercise is more challenging. You can see the second bar of the piano and then keep on doing it one more time till you complete the exercise.

For me it is all about a good solid rhythm rather than trying to get the whole bar down so you start off by tapping out the rhythms. For the next bar start playing with your fingers, play the first string, play the second then repeat the whole routine. For the next bar tap out the rhythms and then add the last note of the bar, once you have completed the exercise you can add the last note on the next bar if it is left unstuck.

Here is a list of exercises that you can read from left to right when you start

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