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What are the Steps to Learning the Piano?

At around 16, some teenagers find it difficult to move about a piano because of the fact that their limbs are so small. It may also be uncomfortable for them to sit in front, watching the teacher during a lesson. In my experience it can be helpful to have parents or teachers to help keep them interested. By the age 16-20 you will be having many conversations about instrument-handling, piano technique, etc.

Some teenagers might be a bit more active than others, while others will just lay there in the corner. At some point it is important to introduce the piano into their school day, and it cannot be too far behind.

You may find you want to get more experience on your piano. One method is to work with a teacher to find a private room. Another way to get a piano in your home is to find a neighbour, who may already sit and play, and then arrange the piano for you.

What do I need for a piano teacher?

The ideal piano teacher would be someone who can read music well, and would be able to teach you at a young age on the piano. They would also be able to teach you something else that you have yet to discover. Having said all that, many people have children, and if they have enough money to get a piano teacher, that must mean there is plenty out there to get.

Before I took over the piano lessons of a number of pupils I had to convince them to teach me, as I had to teach my father. So I was also looking for someone on my level, as no one could teach me very well because I was so young.

However, when you have to convince an adult to teach you some music, it will be hard to take them on board. It is best to use a music therapist, as it is easier to get someone to stick their nose in to the music as opposed to someone from the school who is only concerned with the score or teaching students to read music. You can find out more about that in the Piano Music Therapy article.

Do I need to go and read an instrument book?

Not as long as you can play it. You should take time to study music, and you can use this time to study other musical instruments, and make new friends. There are thousands of books on the web that can help you with this.

However, if you can’t play, or can only play a limited number, there is nothing wrong with

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