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– I might. Is there a Siri app on your iPhone, iPad or iPod? – Sure, check back later. Do you do it on your laptop, PC or Mac? – I play iTunes on a Mac and Windows on a laptop. Where exactly do you practice? – I am at home in New York, New York. Is there a “Whodunit” episode you are very proud of? – My first episode was a big win of the season. If you are reading this and do not have access to a studio (or you just want to see me in person), how do you know I will be there? – We’ll meet with you to record and work on a story. Or give you a call. Can I book you in my City? – No. How can I become a “Coffee with Sway” cast member? – It takes a lot of commitment, work and talent, but I am looking to have a few people in on my show! Do you want to do anything else with “Sway”? – I will do some cooking classes and other things. Where do you get your inspiration for the music? – I have friends in different cities and the stuff I like comes from there as well! I also listen a lot to music from my friend, Dr. Dre. I have also heard him say “Dre was the man, if you don’t know who Dre is, you are missing out.”

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote an article titled, ‘Can Your Kids Learn to Code?’ in which I explored the various ways I saw kids getting started on the STEM fields that are being left for them by parents who are scared that they’ll drop out of high school or be unable to support their families. The article made some interesting points, but one particular point that I haven’t seen discussed in much detail in many places is that it’s not really about learning how to code to help kids stay out of trouble. The article was largely based on a discussion between us about the concept of the STEM field and its different levels of emphasis and what children need to make the most of this exciting and challenging field.

I can’t help but notice many times that in the article, it’s often framed as if coding itself is the only goal of the field. There’s something of a disconnect in this framing, and when you look at both the STEM field and what most people take for granted about kids learning to code as if it were the only goal or at least a secondary one

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