How did gangsta rap start? – Learn To Be Rap God Fast Part Practice Definition

That’s a tough question to answer, to be honest, because we didn’t even have gangster rap before Snoop did it, in fact we only had emcee rap before that, so that’s why you see that we don’t have emcee rap or rapper rap, it’s got no relation to gangsta rap. You’re not gonna get emcee rap or rap from Lil Wayne or Biggie Smalls. That’s just no relation. It was just some gangster. So I think it was a combination of emcee rap and gangster rap; I don’t know what the origin of it was. Anyway, there’s no rhyme or reason that they came up with, no rhyme, no reason, they were really just rapping, and they had a lot of money and a lot of influence. All of that was there.


AVC: Are you saying that they really did have a lot of influence—and you’re probably right—but they weren’t rappers, they weren’t rappers for a reason?

DJ: They had a lot of influence.

AVC: Are you saying it was a rap phenomenon that just happened to follow the emcee rap of the time?

DJ: There was influence as well—but it wasn’t emcee rap at the beginning. Emcee rap was a response to the original gangster rap of the time. There was one type of emcee rap and that was the Emcee, who was a professional clown who would make a lot more money than anybody else out of it and wouldn’t pay him any attention, and he was only doing it to make a name for himself. So that’s why emcee rap came into being, to be his public face. He’d sell his art, his CDs to big-name artists, to the big-name artists, he’d be their spokesperson. All the other rappers, they’d be the clown.


AVC: And they started out with emcee rap.

DJ: The emcee started out with emcee rap or emcee-rhyme rap.
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AVC: But the emcee rap style became popular because they put more of a value and glamor on them than on somebody like J.G. Muggs.


DJ: It was also because they were the only MC out of the lot who was a great

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