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You can use your voice search to find information by asking for help. When you ask for advice or help, a few different things may happen depending on the information you query for. If your query goes to a Siri-controlled device, it may give you more information, even if it’s unhelpful. Siri can be extremely simple (or not, depending on how you’re using the device), but it can also be a bit sophisticated. The most common voice command to get is “Find my iPhone,” but it’s not uncommon to get, say, “What is the weather in New York?” or “What is the weather in Los Angeles?” For example, the Siri app may not find the information you’re looking for if you ask: Get weather information from my iPhone. I’ll search for information on weather, but I won’t get much information if I ask for it through my computer. Similarly, if I ask Siri to get information about the weather or the state of the Union, even though it may not be helpful for me, if I ask Siri directly through my computer, it may tell me the weather, even though I’ll probably never want to do that. You can tell Siri to get the weather, get the weather forecast in Los Angeles, or the weather forecast in New York, but you won’t get more if you ask Siri with your voice. Siri tells you what she’s going to ask you next, so don’t be afraid to ask.

If the service you’re searching for is already searchable — for example, if you’re using a search engine and you know you want to look for the weather and want to see it on the app “My Weather” or in a Google search for “weather,” or if you’ve entered in the search terms on the page — then ask the app for any details that it can provide. For example, if you type in “weather” as a search term in Google and then the “My Weather” app is available, Siri will get the weather in Los Angeles for you.
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If your query is about the information Siri is asking you to find, say, “What are your options after getting my weather?” or “What are my options after finding the weather?” or, if you’re trying to find a specific weather point of interest such as a place that “suddenly rains all of a sudden?” be sure to use a location search in the phone itself to try to find the best location to search — one that’s already listed in the app that shows

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