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Sting’s son, James, is in love with a young woman he met at a beauty pageant and the two become engaged. He then tells someone about the engagement so that it will never be publicly known. [10:14]

This season, there is a new season of Survivor: Pearl Islands starting on October 30.

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Police have released the identity of the suspect in Saturday’s mass killing in Copenhagen.

Police said on Monday they were investigating a man seen in police bodycam footage firing at a police bus and at people running toward it.

He is said to have had a history of mental disorder.

On Sunday police released surveillance photo of one suspect in the attack – a black woman who they said was wearing a top and red T-shirt.

A Danish police spokesman said one of the women, an immigrant or asylum seeker, had been named as a 26-year-old who had previously lived in Britain but also lived in the Netherlands.

Image copyright Other Image caption The BBC’s Jon Donnison, on the scene, said the woman being examined was wearing a top and red T-shirt

Another person was arrested from Friday evening, they reported. A third person was detained after a search, they added.

In the CCTV footage shot at the time of the attack police can be seen shouting at the first bus – which was stopped at a traffic light as it approached the scene – to move aside.
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There are currently more than two dozen police officers in Denmark and many members of the public have been evacuated.

The attacker is described as 5ft 1in (175cm tall) with brown hair and a medium build.

He was arrested on Saturday night in the area around a library and a car park.

It appears one of the first big surprises of the 2016 elections will be that the Democrat party is so far ahead in House voting in the nation. With just one seat held by a Republican in the U.S. House in the country, a vote for another of that party in the Senate to break its 51/49 tie with the Republican Congress could send an important signal that is likely to have a big impact on presidential election outcomes.

Here’s a look at votes where the Republicans have held the seat in the last three election cycles, and which party holds the seat in 2016

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