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You have all these artists making tunes. And as we say in the club, “They’re all coming from the same motherfucking motherfucker.” If I tell you rap is, as I said in a verse, just a bunch of rappers in a room recording shit and doing their goddamn thing,” and it’s not true, then I’m fucking lying. I’m so tired of the argument with Kanye’s mixtape. It’s like, you wanna hear one rap about a woman on her knees or an ex-girlfriend or a lover, a mother fucking motherfucker, then you gotta listen to the entire rest of the song, and as we say in the club, they are all coming from the same motherfucking motherfucker.


You were in the studio working with Kanye on this album. How does working with these type of people, who really listen to what you’re saying, compare to how you typically work as a producer?

I love working with Kanye. I’m not gonna pretend like it was anything more than a normal production session. He called me and told me he just wanted me to play piano and talk on the phone or something, but as far as the music is concerned, it was great to work with him. I love to work with other producers and get them so fucked up on their shit that we get to collaborate and do things that we never get to do or play with other producers on because we didn’t write it ourselves for the sake of it. We have to write it first. When he called me he told me he wanted me to be the production guy. And as far as the songs go, I had a lot of fun writing. I was always working on the music with other producers as well as going back and forth with Jay, Kanye and Drake. I thought that was great, I was like, “Wow, I’ve got to give these guys a chance to show me the way to do this shit right and let me write the song for myself.”


You know when he came to town, with that album, he’s like, “I’m still my nigga, dude.” He’s on the level, as far as the level of respect and respect for what he’s doing. And the reason that I think that he’s still his nigga is because of the legacy that he’s had on Chicago and what he has given the city.

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