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I’m glad you asked – I’ve written about all this before! You can create music using nothing more than your phone, which you can use to make your own video (or sound effects) and share it with a global audience. But, if you need more technical details, you can look up SoundCloud pages with simple instructions on how to upload a video and create your own tracks or music – or use SoundCloud’s search function to narrow your search.

If you’re using a desktop player like MPC-HC, Soundcloud or YouTube, you can listen to your song right from your desktop player, or you can set up a SoundCloud playlists and sync your music and tracks onto SoundCloud and save it with the links. As a bonus, it’s a nice way to share your tracks with your friends as well!

To play back your tracks in SoundCloud, click “play” to access your SoundCloud account. Once you’ve created a playlist, start playing music in the playlist at will. The full menu will look like this:

But, you can do even more:

Create your own tracks for a limited time. Use them as background music, or add them to an existing playlist. Share on SoundCloud with links or a short description. Set your SoundCloud URL in your profile, and your tracks can automatically be accessed or enjoyed for free. It comes down to creativity and your drive.

And the best part: You don’t need any music software (like Apple’s GarageBand or Max for iPad) to make a video, so that’s an awesome bonus!

Do you create music? What other free ways can I take you into the music world? Let us know in the comments!

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