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I don’ know where they found my laptop, I haven’t been a rapper in three years, they found it, they beat my laptop. [They have the laptop]. They have my laptop. They’re trying to see what it is, because they need to put it in the game.”

“I don’t do any freestyles, I have nothing to hide. I don’t rap because I’m a rapper. I’m doing it because I’m a rapper. I’m the real deal. I don’t rap to prove I can rhyme. I rap because I’m the Real M.E.

“That’s how I rap. I want it to read that way. I rap to prove to the world I’m the Real M.E. If I’m not, then my verse was a waste of lyrics and didn’t convey anything I wanted to say.

“No one’s coming up to me who wants to be me. I want to be me. That’s my story, that’s just my narrative. There’s no need for an intro right now. You’re already a rapper, you need an intro.”

“I’m gonna just put it out there and let the world know that I’m not trying to be a rapper — ’cause nobody wants to rap like I do.”

“I don’t rap about my personal life. Rap is about relationships. Relationships between people. I’m doing what I want to do. I’m still doing what I want to do. I don’t listen to rap music. I don’t watch, and I don’t watch movies where my character is in danger. I’m not a bad rapper for people to know I rap. I don’t really care what I’m rapping about right now.”

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“That’s all I can say. It’s nothing to say. Aint nobody talking about me.”

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The New York Times’ Paul Krugman is now on the New York Times’ editorial page defending Donald Trump’s call to ban immigrants from Muslim countries:

His position is consistent with the Republican mainstream, which has been trying to keep immigrants from Europe safe for half a century, in effect creating a European-style asylum-seeker policy in the United States.

This is nonsense. Donald Trump doesn’t “believe Muslims should be banned from entering the United States,” nor does he plan to. However, his position in this debate is not

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