Who is the hardest rapper? – Flocabulary Science

This question should be obvious—because it’s obvious. The hardest rapper, the guy who has more than 20 studio albums, the guy who has to make the hardest rap music of this generation, is probably Kanye West. And he ain’t nobody.

Does Kanye West have another album coming out?

I didn’t hear about that, so I probably won’t hear about it in my lifetime. But I’ve heard rumors about that for several years, that he has a new album coming out.

You were also talking about the fact that you have so many projects coming out.

I’ve just released about 10 new songs that I’ve recorded over the last year.

How do you feel about Kanye having so many projects coming out? How does that affect you going forward?

I don’t know, man. I just stay busy with what I’m working on. I’ve been working on the songs, I’ve been working on new mixtapes and projects. They make me feel good about what’s going on. I can’t control his schedule. I know this sounds weird, but I still go to Kanye’s shows to see the concerts instead of watching YouTube or watching his video game [videos]. He’s the only rapper to make my life easier. He helps me with my work and helps me with my friends.

Do you think that he’s just been in the music business to get paid or to get famous?

It ain’t like that. [Laughs] If you wanna be rich, you’ve gotta be rich. He was young, [he] had a taste for this, so he’s good at it. I’m not saying he’s [not] wealthy, [he’s] just that he was smart enough to know how to get good with music.

Why do you think you are the king of Yeezus?

I think because I do things really differently than most people, you know what I mean? I’m kind of a rebel. There’s just that one thing in my life, which is fashion. Kanye West is in style. I think I’ve made my fashion. Kanye is, he’s making his, he’s making everybody’s, so I’m just here to stay. And I get a lot of shit from the people here, but I’ll take what I made and bring it to the next level.

The internet is really starting to spread the word about some of the stuff you’ve done in the music

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