How fast can Eminem rap?

Do I wanna hear ‘The Marshall Mathers LP 2’?

This may be the biggest question of the year, because the man who is in charge of the Eminem-Mathers reunion has been busy. Earlier this week, he released the album’s new single, “Stan,” as well as a promotional clip featuring Em being chased by a ghost. Now, the man who helped Eminem become one of the biggest rappers on the planet is giving the world a new sneak peek at what’s to come in the next year — the 10-hour-plus special he recorded for Beats 1 Radio.

On Tuesday (May 20), Eminem will make his debut in studio with “a group of some friends just going to hang out,” though when and where is anyone’s guess. “I just came in today and I’m trying to get my [record] out to the world,” he said. “But then this morning, the news broke that he’s in a studio with a group of some friends just going to hang out,” he said, adding that the session was originally planned for last month. “I’m thinking of trying to put it out this week,” he added.

Em has been open about the recording process and he says he’s happy with how he’s performing on the songs as well as his vocal performance. “I got to do a lot of rehearsing to get the song right,” he said. “But to go even further to say, I’m excited for people to really hear me speak and I think people are gonna be excited about what we’re gonna do. It’s a real show, not just a rap show.”

As of last week, he had not been officially in the studio with the rest of the band because of personal issues — including his recent diagnosis of borderline personality disorder.

“I’ve been dealing with myself on the inside. And I felt like I was really in a place of strength,” he said. “So I really needed somebody besides myself to talk to that kind of talk about my things. I was dealing with the demons of my own personal battle when I was in Los Angeles so I needed a good friend who’s a good listener and a good friend who cares as much as I really care about music.”

On Monday’s episode, the guest list for Saturday Night Live: The 39th Annual Tony Awards included many artists who have worked with Eminem and he admitted that he thinks most acts are unaware that the man is still working out music.