Who is the richest rapper?

One might argue that it’s not the world’s most famous rapper. He’s a different man than he was when he first rose to fame in the nineties, and there’s no denying that he’s the richest rapper of all time.

“The richest rapper of all time”

The rapper, who has been dubbed by many as the “king of hip-hop”, has a fortune estimated at $200 million (£113 million) — and for someone who doesn’t drink or smoke, that comes with a hefty tax man.

Since 2001, when he released his eighth solo album, OVO Sound, he’s been liable to pay $15m (£10m) in federal and state taxes annually and, if he is at all successful in his career, could become, if not the richest rapper of all time, then one of the richest.

The “most expensive rap record ever”

When the album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, was released on Friday, May 24, 2002 it was listed as the “most expensive rap record ever” at $17.75 million (£9.1 million), making it the second most expensive record ever sold. A version of it had already been sold for six figures at a Manhattan mall before the price jump was made. No one has been able to compete with the price tag.

With this record, he’s likely to get up to $30m (£19.5m) in sales, which is one third of the record’s revenue of $52m (£38million) in its debut week in 2003.

When he was asked to list the most influential rap artists in history, he did not include J Dilla or Tupac Amaru. He called Snoop Dogg one of the most influential artists, but said that his “Masturbation”, the 2001 album that sold 2.6 million copies, “is the most influential hip-hop song of all time, despite all the bad rap I gave it.”

The last time OVO Sound went gold was just after the release of the album, so it’s very likely that he hasn’t had that many albums go platinum since then.

He’s been on “Grammy’s top ten”

After making it onto the magazine’s list of music’s “100 Most Influential People”, he’s regularly in the discussion of the list, but never on the top of it.
Beat the Summer Cash Flow Blues — Twinkle Star Dance

A year after his success, he was inducted into