When did gangsta rap end? – How To Learn Rap God Fast Part Easy Banana Cream

When I became a dad and felt like hip-hop no longer seemed so relevant.

How do you think the future in hip-hop is going?

Well, now it seems like it’s all a kind of mess. Just trying to hold people together. Some of my heroes are the ones that try to get people together and make things work, whether that’s politics or religion or spirituality. Like Kendrick Lamar. He gets into trouble with everyone who ain’t familiar with him, but Kendrick does things that have to make his fans think. That kind of thing. The people like KRS-One, those are the real hip-hop folks. And then there’s that other stuff that’s just trying to make people feel important and cool. And that’s the real hip-hop, that’s the kind of stuff that really got on my nerves while growing up. I really got into Wu-Tang Clan because of the way they fought their battles. It didn’t have to be about drugs or weapons. Those were just some of the things that made them a real fucking powerful group. I still love those guys, of course, and I still like them as rappers. But I do like hip-hop today, and even though Wu-Tang didn’t really have that much success, we still get fans from all over the world. People who go to shows on the East Coast don’t necessarily have that connection to New York, and they’re like “Oh hey, I’m going to the Wu-Tang show right now. I’m gonna go to the Wu-Tang concert with you because I’m in my 40s and need some more fun”. I remember once when I played Wu-Tang at the Bowery Ballroom, everyone was jumping up and down, and I was like “No worries. They’re not going to hurt you or you’re going to hit them.” And then the Wu-Tang’s manager comes over to us and he goes “Fuck you, bitch!”

So, for people like that, and the people that don’t feel like they can relate to that kind of hip-hop, or to the culture of the Wu-Tang Clan, or the whole scene around it, just try to remember that you don’t have to like everything—you can still just appreciate something that’s right in front of you. And if you don’t understand something, there’s always the next thing.

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