How much is a bar in rap? – Rock N Learn States And Capitals Rap For Kids

It’s usually measured in the street, because it’s not an exact measurement. There are usually a dollar price, an eight-dollar price and a dollar price after that.

But you have this thing called an 8-dollar price. That’s like the one-dollar-per-inch price and it’s got an 8 on it. So an 8-dollar bar is one percent more expensive than a $1.99-each-and-go-pop. So it’s actually way more expensive than an $8.99 pop.

Why would you care that it’s more expensive than a $8.99 Pop?

This is because they’re not going for the same thing with a dollar pop. It’s way more valuable. You may have a $8 or $9.99 Pop, you know, but there’s not really an 8-dollar version of it.

It’ll cost you more.

Yeah. So this is the whole idea of getting a lot of money. And in order to get a lot of money, you’ve gotta get paid for it immediately. If you get paid for it, it’s good.

So what is the value proposition there?

To really get money on the internet, you have to get paid for it instantly. So to really get money on the internet you need to have a lot of eyeballs on it. So these are the reasons why you need your 8-dollar price right now.

So your product is an 8% hit or a 16% hit?


OK. So that’s a pretty big hit.

It’s pretty bad. Look at Eminem and his first rap on the spot: “I don’t know why, God. But here I am.” It’s really just that he’s the only thing he’s going for, the only thing he wanted.

It wasn’t like he was going, ‘Oh, gee that’s so bad. Give it to Dre.’ We don’t know how he got it. That’s why you have this idea of what the audience wants, and Eminem wanted something different about this.

So he started his career in this era where the internet was very new, everybody was doing music on MP3s and CDs and whatever else, and you had to pay for everything. That’s why the audience is so hungry to go and buy something for $3 on iTunes or whatever. When iTunes came out and everyone got

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