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How do they measure time? A beat is an extremely fast pulse of electrons passing from one atom into other. Scientists use these beats and times to measure the length of time, or “second,” the universe takes for the same amount of time that one beat takes. Some units of seconds, called seconds per second (seconds/s), are based on the fraction of the second that humans measure. The second was measured to be 15.764564 seconds per day in 2011. This measurement puts our age at some 2.5 billion years, roughly 2.5 times the age of the universe.

How do you calculate a second in seconds? The standard way of calculating the second in seconds is to take this measurement of time and add in an additional amount of time that we don’t perceive. The result is called the fractional seconds per day, or “fractional seconds period,” or just seconds/s. Here’s a graphic showing some of the more common units of seconds per day:

The first part, seconds/s, is the length of time that humans measure, and the second part, seconds/s, is the total number of seconds spent in the past. This is why seconds/s doesn’t give us that extra second, when it’s not being measured. For example, if you take 15 seconds per day and add them together, they can add up to about 1 minute.

Here is another example: Take a minute, and add it to the average number of seconds per day: 1.6 seconds. This is the number of seconds that you’re missing today, when you don’t have to measure time.

But when you add up the amount of time that the universe has taken for the same amount of time, the result is the number of seconds you’re missing when you measure your own time. The second that passed since the Big Bang, or the average period, is the “second” that would have passed for the same amount of time in an earlier universe, when the ratio of the measured to estimated number of seconds was equal.

How long is one beat? We measure the rate of this one-beat-per-millisecond pulse of electrons moving between atoms, and the total time it takes to do this adds up to several trillionths of a second. (That’s 10 billionths, multiplied by the number of atoms, or billions, for a given second.)

Analogous for seconds/s is nanoseconds (one-six

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