How much is 16 bars of a song?

If you do a song, make sure you have enough bar size to play in it’s entirety.

For example, lets say you have 1 song. You play the entire song. If you then have 2 songs, play two 2 bars longer and then one. If the length are too long, the song will be played over and over again, unless you add a break. You should have between 2-4 bars of music you like for a song.

What counts as a bar length?

Most songs are between 1-2 bars, while some are shorter than that. For example, if you have 5 beats, then 5 bars. A 1 bar beat is 6 beats. So you can say to use the following: 5/2+1/5=8 bar, or 7.5 bars.

What are the different types of bars, and of how many times each?

You will typically find yourself thinking, “It must be the same for every song”. If you don’t, try this out yourself:

1. Hold your finger over a button

2. If it says 1 bar, hold it

3. If it says 2 bars, hold it

4. etc..

It works. The reason being is that you can use the formula to calculate how much bar length you require: 2/5+1/5= the number of 5’s in a row, etc.. For example: If you have 5 bars (including the 1) with no breaks in either. Then the formula would be: 13/5=5 bar, or 4 bars after the first 5. Now you have 4 bars that you would like to play. Now you can use the formula again to figure out how many bars you need. It is a good idea to get yourself a small calculator. Make sure you know how many bars you want without taking breaks. For example: 2/5 will require 4 bars. If you use 10/5, you only need 7 bars.

You will get the answer with a simple formula that can be used for most of the songs you have. Here are some:

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