What is the average salary of a rapper?

Let’s take Kanye West’s $70 million payday as a starting point. The average American rapper makes $9 million a year. Most of Kanye’s money is coming from his album sales, but there is another side of the equation where he earns significant money from tours, videos, appearances and endorsements.

But what are the numbers? A study released by the World Economic Forum (WEF) in 2014, calculated the average incomes for every country across the globe. They included data about national GDP, unemployment and the GDP growth rate as well as the minimum average wage. The average income for a rapper in the USA was $1.17 million.

Kanye also earns enough to support a whole family: $5.2 million worth of music streaming, $5.7 million for travel, videos and endorsements, $6.6 million for merchandise sales, $6 million on income from his tours and a monthly salary of $817,000.

What are Kanye’s biggest supporters in the music industry?

Kanye’s biggest supporters in the music industry have an average net worth of $7.9 million. That includes Kanye and Taylor Lamar, who together own 40% of both Swift and Kanye merchandise. They can afford to go see Taylor live in a stadium and even take advantage of Taylor’s free merch sale during the VMAs.

But Kanye also has big fans like Lil Wayne, 2 Chainz and Rick Ross, who together have an average net worth of $5.6 million. These celebrities also have Kanye’s personal advice to go out and meet Taylor:

“To meet Taylor Swift is like meeting Kanye West or Rick Ross, but with different degrees of love.”

That’s a good point, Rick Ross. I love listening to Rick Ross, and that’s a good reason why. We are talking about Taylor’s new single ‘We Major.’ The song is good, but don’t you think she should change this song?

Kanye’s biggest fans also are the artists who make him money.

Who does Kanye consider “the most important people in hip-hop”?

Well, Kanye considers himself as the most important person in hip-hop. The fact that he’s a multimillionaire (he paid $5.2 million for Taylor Swift’s album 1989) shouldn’t be a surprise to any of our readers. But is there any one that holds a higher position in the industry?

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