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Do you think rap is more than four chords and a bit of rhyme? Is it “rap” instead of hip-hop? Is it just a rap song that you are saying? The rapper that is just doing this? Or is it a rapper whose career includes more than this? Does he think this is really rap? Is he trying to use this to create hip-hop, but it is really hip-hop? It’s not something you can just do, it really can’t be just about the notes and the beats. The whole album isn’t just the four or five songs on it. To understand the meaning and the meaning behind the music, you have to go at it a little bit more than just listening to four songs. You have to make your own interpretation of this music. There’s something in this music that just connects. You know how they say there are things in religion that just connect to the people in front of you? That’s exactly what happens here. You can have your own interpretation as a listener when you listen to this music.


AVC: I want to ask a personal question: When you were recording this, were you ever confronted with a rap battle, or was it so much of a surprise that it happened to you?

JS: There was so much on the record that people were surprised I’d ever done this. I would’ve had the audacity to do this with the kind of track record that I had. You hear the tracks in the studio and you imagine them. But it ended up being a bit more personal. I think that the first two or three tracks are much more of me. By the end of that process, I was pretty much like, OK, I know what I’m gonna do here. It’s not going to be all these crazy lines, but it’s going to happen here. It definitely happened to me. It was shocking but it was also exciting. I got the opportunity to have so much fun with it, so I am really thankful for that. There was so much on it. I’m sure people are talking about it with their band or with their friends, but I think it was a big surprise to everyone.

AVC: It was funny to hear the reactions to the lyrics, especially when you were putting it together. It was like, “There’s this thing that happened, but now that we have that background, it goes in a totally different direction.”


JS: Right, exactly

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