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Rap is spoken and performed poetry, spoken word, songs, and rhyming lyrics, written using the most basic of instruments. The language developed by Black men during the first two decades of the 20th Century in America and also in South Africa prior to independence, has become a means of expressing themselves through music.

Are words made of ‘robot’?

Yes, but this is often used as a way of describing words derived from an established linguistic system. ‘R’ is a ‘robot’ word and in the 1820s and 1830s, R&B rhymed with ‘rap’ due to the use of rapshees – the first instruments in use in Britain. It was also often used as a term of endearment among non-black people such as Blacks in Britain.

Can a word be used to describe Black people?

Nope. There are no ‘Black words’ in the US and not one word, ‘Blackie’ comes to mind as a proper noun meaning a black person or individual, however when we talk about Black people, we use the word ‘Black’ or ‘Blacky’ in relation to Black people, not Black. (see also: Black or Black – which one is right?)

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