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He’s a hip-hop artist. He’s not black or white, he’s just black in this hip-hop. He’s a black rapper. And he’s a bad-ass black rapper. He’s got his point but he can still do some shit. He made us feel like we could be anything. It was like, “Fuck it, we got to do it our way.”

It’s all about showing up when you’re supposed to come.

Yeah. And when it’s all about the message, that’s when it’s fun. I don’t know if you guys are into that kind of stuff, but I’m talking with you like when I’m like, “Do I want to go play football in August here?”

Yeah. I am. I like the message, man. A lot of the ideas are real. I’m telling you guys what’s on the tip of my tongue but, like, I’m also saying I should play, too.

A lot of people in this industry say that you guys just like to rap about themselves more because that’s the only way you can keep your audience. But is that why Eminem came to be?

When we first got signed, we were just a group of friends, you know? Like we had a record deal, I’ve got a record deal — we were just dudes, like I was just in the band and you know, the whole reason we signed to Fat Mike and Dr. Dre and all of them was that there was some space in the world for dudes who rap. And I thought, “Let’s be able to put out something for other rappers to listen to.” Like, we were the first mixtape to come out in 2008. We were the first independent stuff to come out. And that’s still what we do. That’s what we do. That’s what we’re gonna always do. And for me, as an Eminem fan, it’s always about finding a way to put out stuff for like everybody else.

Yeah, Eminem has been a big part of my life since I was like 15.

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It’s a blessing, man. I mean, you know, you can be in the music industry forever and all that, but you know? If you’re not having fun, you don’t have much of a career. When you’re having fun, you know, you kind of have more to talk about.

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