What app do rappers use to make beats? – Rock N Learn Addition And Subtraction Rap Dvd Torrent

“Rapper” is usually the first one mentioned.

What app are rappers using to create music?

Mixtapes, for some reason.

What are the best rappers?

Kendrick Lamar and Pusha T.
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What are your top 3 favorite rappers?

Kendrick, Pusha, and 2 Chainz. Pusha is my personal favorite, he is a genius at rapping like I’ve never seen before.

Who’s the first rap video that you want to see?

Kendrick Lamar’s “Lust For Life”.

You have the best friend in the whole world, whose name escapes me: What’s your “lil’ beef” with his cousin?

Auntie Mame.

Who do you think is the cutest human you’ve ever met?

I’ve never met a guy, but when I was a kid, a girl I looked up to was a girl named Missy Elliott. As I got older though, one of the older fans of mine got her a picture of me from the same concert where she was supposed to be.

What do you think your best friend is up to now? What makes you go bananas?

I’m playing video games with him, he’s just trying to get better at everything.

Who do you like best in the NBA right now?

I gotta go with Carmelo Anthony. I think he is one of the best players in the history of the NBA.

Who do you consider your favorite hip-hop rapper?

Kendrick Lamar. His “Lust For Life” is probably the best album of the past five years. He’s amazing.

Who would you describe as your role model? What is your dream?

That’s not easy to answer. For me, it’s always to be able to play for a team that I care about. That’s my dream.

What’s in the refrigerator that you want to put on the dinner table?


Where is your favorite place to work?

Banks, Los Angeles.

What’s a piece of advice you’d like to give yourself?

Stay humble, you never know when you’re gonna get something big.

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