What influenced rap?

‘Music is how you communicate, you know. You have to get your message across. I never got to talk to another person through rap, so I had to find a way for me to get through to people. So, I started to rap because it was the only way I could communicate to people who didn’t have any voice. Even though a lot of my friends don’t have a voice either, I found an outlet for them to communicate. ‘

Did you study music?

Yes I did. I studied dance for a bit as well. In my younger days I took up the piano. My brother didn’t understand what dancing was and would come over to my place and tell me to dance instead of listening. So I studied that for a bit. Once I got older, my brother said, ‘What kind of dancer are you?’ I said, ‘I don’t know but I will do anything.’ Then I picked up a drum kit and started playing like all day. After a while he said, ‘No, you’re not able to dance.’ He started talking to my dad and he told him I should try the bass drum. He said, ‘Ok, then I’m going to buy you bass drum lessons’. That’s how I started getting my music heard too.

What was your music career like?

It was pretty simple, you have to be able to play music. Like if you can’t play, you don’t have any future in life. For my music, I don’t do covers. I know a few people have tried it too, but I don’t do covers. My music, for the most part, is my style of music. I’ll make beats, but I have no intention of doing cover music at all.

In 2006, you released a single called ‘I Don’t Need To Sleep Tonight’.

I wasn’t even paying attention to it, I was just in the shower with my friends. I thought, ‘If this is from me I’m happy.’ (laughs) I didn’t care.

A lot of rappers in Australia and overseas have called for Justin Bieber’s head. How have your feelings been about that?

I’m really happy I could take part in such a beautiful campaign and I hope more like me are successful. I’ve been trying to do as much as I can, I’ve been doing my best, but unfortunately not much has ever happened. As a person, as a musician, as a human