What is a 16 in rap?

16 was added to the rap game by Drake and Rick Ross in 2013 because they were looking for something extra to rap to. Now the name “16 inch” has gone viral on the Internet because of it’s size and it’s a lot more fitting for what people think about rappers.

13. What are the first things that people ask you?

14. You know you have the ability to do more than just rap. You have to have a vision. What are your ambitions in life?

15. What are your goals? Who would you like to represent in the future?

16. Have you ever received a request to remix a song?

17. Can you be the first artist to break into the pop music scene with a single?

18. Your music is like a music box of your life. You’ve got a playlist that you have to fill, and it’s really not fair the first time you try to play it, but after you think about it you’ll realize how easy it is.

19. Can you tell us one song or music collection that you’d be proud to have as yours?

20. Are you worried about fame at this point? (Laughs)

21. What type of influences do you draw from?

22. Have you ever tried to be a rapper?

23. Have you ever been called a crooner?

24. Do you prefer to work with a producer in your music?

25. You’re definitely a versatile artist. How would you describe your unique style?

26. Who are your favorite producers?

27. You were a producer in the past. What about music today has influenced or influenced you?

28. You once said that you think your style is about style, with an attitude and a vibe. Would you like to express those feelings with your albums?

29. What did you do before becoming an artist?

30. When you see someone else in an interview, are they wearing the same outfit?

31. The music that got you into rap in the first place, you love?

32. What has surprised you the most?

33. What is the one thing you wish you had done differently with your career?

34. What is your “Go-to” style?

35. Why is it important to not “take yourself too serious”?

36. What’s something