What is a bar in rap?

It’s the biggest of all the bars in rap. Even before we knew what an MP3 was, we understood all of its possibilities and we were already obsessed with the whole concept of being in a bar. All the things that make bar music feel different — the music, the lighting, the atmosphere, everyone that feels like a part of the setting — that’s what makes the difference. I remember one time when we were at this show in Los Angeles, we were all waiting for the show to start and we thought, “God, what if somebody doesn’t walk through the door?” When it was our turn to walk through and they didn’t walk through the door, there was this silence in the audience and we were like, “That’s a good place for the new sound.” You can’t control everyone and you can’t get everyone in every fucking room. It’s more about making the world feel like you’re at a bar in L.A. or New York.

Are you aware of any other rappers that you admire?

Yeah, a couple guys who I’ve said are some of my favorite rappers: Eminem and the Neptunes. As far as all the hip-hop bands, we have like half a dozen on our album [2012’s “The Night Will Fall.”]. Some people might say, “Why would you want those guys?” They are good people. Eminem is great, I like the Neptunes.

How exactly are you going to work out in terms of how the band is going to get more people to buy albums?

The same way you’re going to work out as a band. It’s a lot of work being a band. Sometimes you can sit around in a bar drinking Bud Light or whatever and play your music, but the more you do it the more you realize that when you’re in a room with people it’s different. It’s different in terms of the way you listen to music and the sound of the space. It really is something that we love doing but I’ve learned that, as much as I would like to do what everyone is doing or want me to do — if I’m going to be in front of somebody I might as well do it well. But you just have to do what you do.
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What do you use to record your music?

We’re recording [all of] ourselves. I like to try to take the greatest amount of care in recording our own stuff because it’s the only time I really can. I mean