Who is the youngest rapper alive?

Who is the oldest rapper alive? That’s a question I get asked quite a bit.

I was thinking about a list of rappers who died under 30. We had a few rappers in the mid-90s who didn’t make the cut – N.W.A., Raekwon, Cypress Hill, DJ Premier, Busta Rhymes – and not a lot of people can say that their fame or popularity was enhanced by one of their deaths.

And if there’s a surprise, then it’s probably Young Thug. When he died of an overdose and a couple of weeks later, his fans went berserk.

“Thug is the kid that died in our hearts,” said one fan. “We can talk about him like it’s not a big deal, but it is. Thug is the kid who gave us this music.”

Thug, of course, is the guy I grew up listening to, and that’s why I want to talk about some of the rappers who have gone to different places, made different music, and come out and gotten to be so revered.

As we sit here in the same chair as Young Thug, I wonder if the kid who’s now a rapper can get the respect he deserved. Is there ever going to be a time when he can say, “It wasn’t all about me, I was just the face of a generation?”

If he could take that back, would he?

There’s more of this story in my book, “A Young Guy Writes Back” — available now through Audible.

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“So a bunch of my friends are out and the guy at the bar is like, ‘I want you to come, I know how to get some girl,’ and he wanted money for a date, so I was like, ‘I don’t know anything about dates, but can I go on a date?’

My friends started getting real confused, ‘So what kind of man is that, I don’t know what kind of man wants money for a date,’ so that was it. Then I got on the phone with the guy, and it started to unfold.

That night’s whole night went like, ‘I’m going to go up to my house and buy her something tonight,’ or ‘I’m going to go up to her house and take her out and it’s my house so I don’t need to take it from her,’ you know? We talked about the future