What was the first rap song? – Nle Choppa Type Of Beats To Learn Rapier Fighting Styles

We had a song by a woman that was the first rap song on the radio. It wasn’t a rap song but I was listening to her lyrics.

The first real rap song on the radio was “All About Us” by Little Richard’s Little Rascals.

How many women did you have at the bar at the time?

It was a bar that did a lot of soul food, like kimchi, fried chicken, chicken salad—very good food. I remember one night before my big audition, when I was getting the dress from the tailor and I walked in, somebody had just put the dress on me for no reason. This girl who was a waitress came up to me and said it looked a little bit thin, so she called the manager, and she said if that gown didn’t fit her, she would take it and she wanted me to put it on, so I put it on straight away.

It was a very conservative place (in Atlanta), but everybody knew I was there. They were so surprised to see me there, it was a weird time for me. I felt like I was one of a kind, so I was the odd man out.

In 1994, you got a call from the rapper Mase.

This time it was to get a role in his movie, and I didn’t know that he would be coming. So I got the call from the person who called me, and I said, “Hey Mase, I’m John, and I’m a fan of your music. I just got a part in your movie,” and he said, “Yeah, it’s a cool movie—tell me about it.” And I went right into it, and I really liked it, so I thought I was a pretty good guy to play a gay character.

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In 1994, you had been dating Mase’s older brother.

I was on a little tour at the time, doing some tour films that my boyfriend did, and he’d be doing a shoot, and he brought my brother over to it. We stayed at his house, and it was a good thing that he did—we were just hanging out. It was a good time when he was here because it was very gay and you couldn’t tell people you were gay. So that night he told me he really was married and I said, “I don’t know, but I like him.” We dated a pretty long time, but when I decided

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