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I know what you’re probably thinking:

But, as it turns out, that doesn’t mean “the most influential black rapper”! That would have to belong to Kanye West.

Who Is the Most Influential Hip Hop Artist?

We decided to take the top 100 white rappers of all-time and rank them all according to music industry clout (i.e. popularity, sales, awards, etc.) to determine the ultimate rapper of all-time. After weighing the factors like market clout, music industry clout, and money, we ranked the top 100 rappers according to their influence.

And boy did we find some big, big rappers who have done very, very well for themselves in the music industry. That’s why we have made it mandatory that you listen to all 100 songs so you get a sense of the influence these rappers have had on music. (If you are wondering what happened to Eminem, then read on.)

The Methodology:

In order to rank a rapper, we decided to use a methodology similar to that used by the music industry, i.e. we calculated market clout by summing our top 100 albums on the Billboard charts (the top 200 albums of 2017 are not considered), as well as our top 1000 albums over the past 10 years, and our top 100 albums of 2017 over the past 10 years. We then put both together into a formula based on sales, awards, and popularity, and the result were the top 100 white rappers of all-time ranking.

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Let’s look at Kanye West and Jay-Z, two of the most influential and successful white rappers to date. We combined the two of them to determine the biggest white rapper of all-time, which then made it’s way into the list of the 100 most influential hip hop artists in the music industry. (Yes…we did include Kanye West on the list. But we will take what comes, right?)

1. Kanye West’s Influence

Kanye is by far the largest influence in hip hop. He has released albums no other white rapper has ever had the audacity to even attempt to put out. (If you don’t think Kanye has accomplished that feat, you haven’t been paying attention.) Kanye ranks at the top of the Billboard 200 albums list, and has even released three solo albums so far “The Life of Pablo” (2017), “Fade” (2016), and “Blood On The Leaves” (2015).

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