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A quick search revealed that in German we can say something like “Schwalbe hamburger” or “Schnabfröre hamburger”. The former meaning is what we’re going with here, the latter is what the English speakers would be using. Let’s be conservative though. This sentence could actually go like the first one. There’s the noun “stadt”, “hamburger” and “fröre”, but also “burger”.

You can even translate that sentence into English, with a slightly more exacting version, in which case you’d end up with “You might think you are getting a true Schwalbe hamburger.” It’ll be more like this if you keep these rules still: I’m going to skip the word “hamburger” and just say “hamburger”, then the verb “unfällig” comes after the noun, and the final part of the word is “schwalbe”. There you have it. That sentence is actually “You might think you are getting a true Stadthouse hamburger”.

So when I say “That Hamburger is really good”, what do people think I’m talking about and why do I just repeat that word even after using it in a sentence?

It’s not actually that people don’t understand it. They have a good intuition where those words are coming from, but to be completely honest most people can’t really grasp how they work, and it is quite understandable why no one bothers making these explanations available.

They don’t seem to understand

The other problem is that most people don’t understand what the word ‘burger’ actually means (though a few people do think about it a little bit).

When used by humans it translates to a lot of different things, but also something that cannot be translated well into German, such as “delicious”, so we translate it into English through a different kind of linguistic filter. This isn’t the same as the way we translate “bad apple” (though it’s actually a similar thing with different connotations), but it’s similar. A burger is made of three things: meat, lettuce and cheese, which are arranged into a bun, while the topping is generally lettuce. A burger should be made as evenly and uniformly as possible.

So when we say that a burger is “delicious”, does it literally mean that you think food is delicious? Perhaps, but you can’t always know from just looking at

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