What was the first rap song ever? – How To Rap Like Eminem

The first rappers’ song, in fact, I would say, it was a track that we made up for ourselves in the studio, one about this woman, called “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction.” It was like, “What if the first woman that I ever kissed, had a son, and she was the first woman that I’ve ever had sex with?” I think that track got like 5 or 6 million plays. That’s crazy.

How long have you been making music?

I’ve been making music since college … in junior and senior years at Cal. I started writing songs as a freshman, right after I graduated high school, on the laptop. It was kind of me creating this world that I wanted to write in. That was back in the days, maybe ’98, when the internet was all the rage, with all these underground groups. I was trying to find a little bit of an identity for myself on the Internet.

What’s different from where it all started is that I haven’t really changed my approach. So, I’ve always been making music on my own, going out to see friends, working on music. Now, my career takes off and I realize, yeah, it’s a lot more people than I used to be, and my audience is bigger, so I have to change my methods a little bit.

As part of the new year, our old friends in the Department for Communications at the University of Bath have released the results of their study into the UK’s access to media. In addition to the usual stuff like how many people watch TV and whether people are more or less likely to attend a university in the countryside, there’s a much more interesting item: whether they view media in an “intelligent” way. They did this on the basis of a huge survey over the course of a year from 2,000 users of their services called The Connected Nation. As you would expect, the top end of results show people who watch less than five hours a week are more likely to be “sceptical” of “mainstream” sources of news and information than a wider group with a weekly viewing time of just 15 hours or more. The results aren’t surprising, as we have already noted a couple of things about the media that are pretty much indisputable – the BBC has an audience crisis and there’s not much else doing well.

That said, these results come not from the media but rather from the whole “sceptical”

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