What year did rap start? – Nle Choppa Type Of Beats To Learn Rapid Hypnosis Induction

– It was in the late 60’s. In the mid-70’s, in New Orleans. I came from my family’s side-street and my uncle was a cop, so my family was not involved in rap. If I would go from there to New Orleans, my uncle would have seen my face; he would have seen the whole history of it.

Mack the Knife

The first MC Mack The Knife ever recorded under the name Mack The Knife was probably from Chicago. My first memory of Mack The Knife was in 1973 when I was 17, going to a club called the P.I. to see Snoop that’s where I saw him. I was introduced to Snoop and all of a sudden, I’m like, “Whut do you want, do you want to go to The P.I. or how about The Temptations?” He took me to their show, and I’m like I need something to eat, like a hot dog. He tells me to just hang out, I’m gonna hang out. Point Em Out (clean) [Explicit]: Scientific ...
When I got to Snoop’s show, Snoop was like man, who are you, why don’t you come over with some music, you’ll be the boss.” And for that matter, you gotta bring a record, man.

He takes me to [Kool & The Gang’] Show at the Apollo. It was one of their last shows and Snoop had to take a break. So I was like, “No, man, just keep going until they call your name on this mixtapes that’s gonna be coming out, keep going. And this music is a fucking record.”

When I got back to Chicago, we had like three records, and I was like dude, can I come work? But I told my brother, “Dude, listen, I gotta get on these.” So I went down to RCA and bought three records.

When one came along, “Smokin’ S–t” by the Beastie Boys came out. That didn’t matter what label I had. I remember, it was like an album cover. And a little girl was like “Yo, that’s so freestyle.” I was like, “I know that, but what you listening to?” She was like, “I wanna hear it, man.” She brought me to see Snoop perform and I was like, “Man, Snoop is really dope,” and I’m thinking, “That must be it,

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