What year did rap start? – Nle Choppa Type Of Beats To Learn Rapping Draw

During the mid-70s and a bit earlier the music was more of its own genre- and therefore more accessible. It became about the music and its performance techniques rather than the person behind it. I think that this is the one time when rappers became popular, not because their music was a better album or any of that, but because everybody else did, too.

Who was the first rap star?

The first one I actually remember seeing as being a rap star was, of course, Tupac. When I was a little guy, I saw Tupac on television and it got me interested. He was a genius and I got hooked. I became interested in hip-hop and I think that his story was one of the greatest ever told, it got me interested, but it didn’t even begin to scratch the surface of what I loved and what people love and have been enjoying all along.

What do you remember about his performance?

I love Tupac. He was awesome. I remember looking at the audience, I was like – I’ll see if I have enough – and thinking – I have no idea what this is all about. It’s a black man from Compton, California who was in love with a white woman, and he was performing at a white nightclub where he went and his girlfriend was with him. It was like he was having a good time, and then suddenly the music started and it was just, “Oh my God”. It was amazing. All I could remember was that it was like you had this sense of wonder that he must have just felt at that moment. I can’t really say that I did. When I had that feeling I thought, “Gosh, I’m gonna be able to share this with somebody if I’m with him.” He was just so much fun!

Why did the movie “The Usual Suspects” turn out so bad?

We had been preparing it for years, but we only got around three months, so it was kind of a shock. I think that we thought: “Where are all the good characters? Where are they in this movie?” And all of the bad characters were there! So it was just a disaster. It was embarrassing, because you get people who have been a part of this and they have not seen it, and I think everyone who has been to the movie says, “I was a big fan of the movie, and I loved it.” But all of them say they wish it

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