Who created gangsta rap?

Jay Z

Jay Z – “What does your life have to do with an artist like you? He’s a genius artist.”

When I came out, did you feel that, like, black men are automatically better than white men?

I don’t really think, so it was just a big shift, really. I didn’t really know that my dad was black, but I really knew it was a shift. When I was 18, like maybe at my senior year of high school — and I was in junior high school — I made the decision to go for a medical degree, and I got involved with a medical club. I was at my first basketball game (in 2008). I had my first professional practice with the Knicks [at age 17].

And then at the same time, you were the only guy to be able to sit on a jury for a white murder …

That was the only place that was able to accept me, was the NBA jury. My sister was there, they sent somebody there and they didn’t have any reason to not let me be, and I did it.

And then, you got shot in your face trying to run away from a fight on your first day in the National Basketball Association. It was really dramatic, isn’t it?

Yeah. It was really brutal, it was my first real fight. I didn’t know that they’re still doing that to people.

It’s very different.

It’s a big shift. Like, the whole game’s changing; what you think of before doesn’t exist anymore. That’s a big thing for me.

You can’t play in the NBA anymore [when you’re 28]; what’s the point?

But there’s a lot of guys in the NBA …

Yeah. A lot of them are playing abroad, which it’s more expensive.

There’s a lot of things going on. I don’t understand why you’re taking a step back, though. There’s so much more going on.

I have a lot more on my mind than just being a star. The one thing I’m thankful for is that I don’t have to pay for another NBA game — they do it. I’ve already bought a ticket just to take a trip to New York, but that’s it. I mean, it’s expensive, and a lot of times it’s tough for athletes and for people who have financial struggles.

What else can you