How many bars is a 3 minute song?

It’s very hard, even by my standards.” And then, almost two decades later, there’s “The Night That Never Comes,” a “dinosaur-bashed” blues song that was supposed to represent the dawn of “recession” and “doom.” (In fact, the song has been certified platinum, which has been a huge selling point.) The record label doesn’t get a share of those profits, so all they get is the music, and “recession” and “doom” have little more to do with it. As a result, “the record company that was working their way through the song like a giant pogo stick” was completely sidelined.

That the artists actually deserve the money, I think, is another important truth of the record business. The companies are often not only profiting from the music, but from the culture around it, and sometimes it’s impossible to distinguish between the two. But the artists do. It’s just not a good one, any more.

As the first day’s results came in, the mood of the players at Tottenham Hotspur Football Club at Selhurst Park seemed like the most optimistic one to have played in years. A win might be enough for an exciting new era at White Hart Lane, but with two game to go, this one is more of a struggle than most. The defeat might also have been expected, especially given the lack of any real competition the other two sides had. That means Spurs can be optimistic about their chances of avoiding the drop, but the challenge is to not lose that optimism with every game.

On Tuesday, Tottenham’s manager Mauricio Pochettino had his first match in charge of a club since December last year, but already seemed excited to get started by looking ahead: “The first game on Saturday will be a fantastic one,” he said. “The crowd is there for the game. We know the players now.”

And while the match against Manchester United on Saturday would be followed by three games in eight days against Arsenal, Liverpool and Chelsea later this month, Pochettino had no hesitation in the way he saw them: “The biggest factor to play for Tottenham is how we play on Saturday against Manchester United,” he promised.

But then came his main focus: improving his side’s performance at the weekend, something that had taken a lot of focus at White Hart Lane this season so far. For Pochettino, Saturday’s match was his “last game for Tottenham” – no pressure there.