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I’ll put it like this. This is the second guy in this game to win it. This is just a guy that has the skill set of someone that people listen to. Not that he’s the best, but he has one of the best mixtapes ever. And that’s probably enough for me. I don’t need to see the other one of those guys or anyone else’s verse, I want to hear the actual song. I want to hear what he’s rapping about.”

The same cannot be said for Lamar, who has rapped about just as much as Kanye West.

“Kanye’s just another artist that had a great artist or two that was at his peak,” said Hov. “Kanye’s like, ‘I’m just doing this and it’s just another good thing that’s happening. I’m on a mission, the world is on fire, I gotta be great.'”

In terms of Lamar being good, this probably isn’t quite true. He’s been a pretty bad rapper for the longest time. Hov told us that he would probably have to give him “two minutes” in the Hall of Fame to really get him, but there are things we might be seeing more and better of now.

“I see him doing all manner of great stuff,” Hov said. “I see him growing as a lyricist. I see him moving away from the rhyme pattern that was developed by Dr. Dre. He actually is doing some of the biggest, boldest stuff that I’ve seen, which was surprising a decade ago when he was just starting out. I was like, ‘Wow, he’s really growing!’ And I was wrong, I was wrong to be so pessimistic about his talent. It’s just all been the same thing, though — if he stays in the game.”

On September 14, 2012, Hov took some time out of the studio to speak with HipHopDX in an interview that was published the next day. Hov talked about his admiration for Lamar, and how he felt “betrayed” when he came out. He also noted that he was one of the first people to criticize Kanye’s performance at Def Jam, a claim that he later stood by. When it came to Hov’s feelings on Kanye West, however, this wasn’t so much an attack on the rapper as much as it was about his own opinion of the direction Kanye West was headed in — and what that might mean for him.
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