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I don’t know who the best rapper in the world is. I’m not the best rapper in the world! I don’t know!

And then he said, I don’t know, I like him, but not the best.

And that’s exactly what a lot of young people think these days.
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People don’t want to take a risk on finding out who is the best rapper, because there’s a chance that one or both could be in prison or dead. And people are more afraid to be wrong than wrong about anything else in the world. They aren’t going to take it!

I think hip-hop and rap is the music of people who are willing to be wrong about things.

Because of the media, a lot of people have never listened to rap.

Some folks are going to say, “That’s how much I listen to rap!” But you know what, if I listened to rap, and then I played the tapes out to everyone, my friends say, “That is not what they used to be!” My friends might feel like, “Oh, it sounded much different!” But they are the ones who like rap, you see. They listen to hip-hop for its history, and not just for the sound that is created at certain places in the world. They also have a sense of its meaning — or its history — and a sense of that meaning, and they have a sense of how it works. You know, the way it works with an instrument.

If you want to understand hip-hop, you have to listen to the history of hip-hop, which is to say you have to listen to how music came about in New Orleans, in New York City, in Los Angeles in the 1940s.

In many ways, the music of today is similar to the music of the 1970s. Not one bit. It’s almost unbelievable. The only thing that’s different about it today is that the records are in greater abundance than they are in the 70s. And not only are there more records — so much more! — there are more people on record labels and on record companies making records, and more people are in the public-access programs like “The Roots” and “The New York Times.”

This interview has been edited and condensed.

By Richard Lardner

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