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Rapper, MC, rhyme maestro, entrepreneur. I was raised in Queens. I was born in the Bronx, and I was in prison. You know, I had the most hard-luck upbringing than most people have ever had — and you know what? Nobody ever looked at me as anything different. They did with my music, but nothing ever happened with what I did with my life. I don’t get why. I went from prison, to the worst. So you try to just have faith in yourself in this life because we’re all human, and we all struggle.

I had a mother that was in and out of prison and drugs. I went to that school and studied for a full year before I got out, and I did what I got to do, which is to stay a hustler, which my mother would not let me do. So they had to get rid of me at a real young age. She was trying to get rid of me, but you know what, she didn’t let me. So that made me different. So when I’m with my mother, I’ll tell her every bad thing that she does to me. She’ll tell me about my grades, where I’m at, where the teachers’ like “Get out of here.” I always tell her that, “The only love I’ve got in this world is with my mother.” She’s going to cry every day because I’ll try to teach her every way that I can to get it right.

How did you get in the movie?

It all started at an after-party in the Bronx with the first rapper who came in. He didn’t listen to the hip-hop, he didn’t listen to rap, he didn’t listen to R&B. But he was talking about gangsta, and it was the same gangsta that was teaching everybody everything that they could ever think of. You know it was like a gangsta rap in a rap song — I had no idea what that meant.

At some point I started to feel like my mother and grandmother was just lying. They just told me how things worked, and you know, they wouldn’t let me even hear a song I thought I’d like when I was six, seven, eight years old. You know, as long as you didn’t take my mother and grandmother’s teachings, you could be anything you wanted to be. I started to feel like I wasn’t getting it. My grandfather would be like

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