Who started rap?

Sugarhill Gang.

Did he write and act the rhymes himself with his friend and producer, Aesop Rock, or was it written by people involved in the production?

Aesop, for sure. He just knows the whole rap game. He’s a big part of the history of hip hop and that’s the way it’s gonna stay. He’s a huge part of it. He’s a huge part of hip hop, just as a writer, he writes the rhymes.

What was his motivation to start rapping, and what do you consider his defining moment as far as him being as successful as he was?

I was really into the funk era of hip hop because of the funk era. Funk music was coming out from the late 70s and it was the era of funk music, and hip hop was the era of the funk era. We are from the 80s. I was into it.

How do you describe your sound to laypeople?

My sound is me and my raps. My sound is me and my music. You know, like my sound is me rapping all the time, like just my flow. Like when I get on my phone, I just rap and play music, it’s all me rapping and just me and music. I don’t need to try to sound like a rapper. I have a good sound.

How was the first album?

It was a whole new sound. It’s kinda hard for people to rap on that sound because you don’t have the right tools to rap on. But that album is just a whole new sound. I just tried to go out and do my thing as well as possible.

Did the new sound help you grow?

Yeah definitely. Definitely. Definitely. The new sound helped me. Like for instance a certain sound I used to do on the early 90s or the early 90s, I never really used that on any of my albums, I always used that on songs. I didn’t do that on the [first] album, I just tried to do my thing, but it’s new and it’s coming on strong.

What are the differences between the old and new sounds?

In my opinion, the old Sound had a lot of soul in it. The new Sound has a lot of funk. The new Sound is me rapping with music that I created.

The first album was called “G